Os gestores do projeto ExpressoV3 e Tine20 reuniram-se em Hamburgo na sede da Metaways, na Alemanha, visando consolidar a parceria do projeto, fato a ser respaldado também durante o FISL14 em Porto Alegre bem como reforçado durante o Consegi 2013 em Brasília.

Resumo da Pauta:

Arrive at Hamburg airport.
10:00 - 12:00 
We like to get to know each other. Afters 2 hours we should know each other and have a final schedule for the week.
12:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 -16:00
We talk about the tests and continuous integration. Metaways will show your the Tine 2.0 test system. After that we can talk about your test system and what needs to be done to have your own test system. We also like to talk about test driven development.
The whole day
We would to show the requirements for Tine 2.0 in SERPRO, the existing restrictions with the current architecture and which proposals (features) Expresso has to improve the performance of Tine 2.0 in similar environments.
At the end of the day we will be prepared for the next day, to work out the roadmap.
The whole day
According to the result of the previous discussion, we would to schedule, under the guidance of the core developers of the Tine 2.0, a plan with priorities for integrate Expresso features to master of the Tine 2.0, which allows both teams walk together on a single branch development, 
facilitating the integration of functionalities. 
We want that Expresso works as a distribution of Tine 2.0 with added features for customers in Brazil and not like a fork.
On this day both communities will discuss their roadmaps and how they can work collaboratively to achieve their individual goals while maintaining the integration of solutions. Your team can present his vision for the future of the platform, what strategy (if there is) to end the support for Zend Framework 1 in 2014, and which features are priority. 
SERPRO submit your planning for the same period and what features interest for you.
At the end of the day we should have a common roadmap defined. Björn(from the usability) will also be in Hamburg on this day.
After work
We make a city tour with a bus.
After that we pick up some food here http://www.bullerei.com/ and we were done we go to the Schanzenviertel. Hopefully the weather is fine.
The whole day
This day is the mobile and offline day. Let's talk about how to move forward with mobile applications and offline webapps.
Starting at 16:00 a clock we will have social event at Metaways, where you talk about yourself.Tell us something about Brasil and something about your work. We will try to organize some Brazil food and drinks.
The whole day
We will go to the German capital Berlin. We will visit the city and we will we meet a big German news website. Maybe they even will make a video interview with us. At least we will have a very good article at a really big website here in Germany.
Depending on your power left over, we go to the Reeperbahn (Hamburgs famous entertainment district) in the evening. Let's see what will happen.
Hope you like the schedule. If not, just let me know. Except Friday we can change the schedule for every day.